Palliative Care Journey in Myanmar

Asia Pacific Hospice and Palliative care Network Training of Trainer for Palliative care Medicine Development in Myanmar

( Collaborated by Myanmar Society of Study of Pain and Lien Collaborative for Palliative Medicine from Singapore)

(Yangon General Hospital)                      (2013-2016)

Objectives of Palliative Care Service in Myanmar

  1. To give holistic patient centered approach palliative care management to cancer patients and their family
  2. To give palliative care management at the time of diagnosis or as early as possible to promote the quality of life of cancer patients and their family
  3. To educate other health personnel to give interdisciplinary approach of palliative care management.

Palliative care OPD Opened on August 13 , 2015

Place: Pain Treatment Center , Yangon General Hospital

Service in Myanmar (Inpatient and OPD)